Frequently Asked

*Content re-purposing

We transform existing or upcoming longform content such as podcasts or vlogs into shortform clips perfect for growing your audience on Tiktok, Reels or Youtube Shorts. Each clip produced counts as 1 of your monthly edit credits.

Do I film the content myself?

You and your team film the content. We edit, polish and transform the footage into a highly engaging video that will grow your audience and generate conversions.

If you’re new to creating shortform video content we can help you figure out a strategy and provide examples / script ideas to get you making new content fast.

What is your video editing turnaround time?

If you are uploading footage on a per single video basis our turn around time is 1-3 days per video.

For batch uploads above 20 videos we would have your content edited and ready within 7-10 days.

We always aims to deliver edited footage as fast as possible while maintaining strict quality control.

Can you repurpose longform / old content?

Yes it’s a fantastic strategy to get the most out of your content! Simply submit your long-form content and your editor will pick the best part for your reel or follow the time stamp guidance you provide.

Do unused edits carry over each month?

The package you select has a set amount of video edit credits per month and they are valid up until your next monthly billing date. They do not carry over.

Can you emulate a specific style?

Anything that has already been done we can better. Or, exactly the same if that’s whats you want. For example, Alex Hormozi and Ali Abdaal style videos are a frequent request that we fulfill.

We also understand that different industries benefit from different style choices such as typography, music etc to ensure a suitable aesthetic and consistent branding across your online presence.

How does your content research service work?

We study content trends in your niche and compile a weekly report containing video examples you can borrow ideas from to save hours of time and avoid creative burnout.

We highlight how each example video uses the  Hook + Value/Topic + Call-to-Action formula to make an effective Tiktok or Reel.

You can simply mix and match different hooks and content topics while adding your own opinions to create unique and engaging content your audience will love.


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