I was excited to learn from the experiences of Rio Infantino, the bright mind behind a stunning 8-figure plant-based restaurant chain (until its sale in 2021). I was prepared to discover the priceless teachings he had discovered. I had no idea that this discussion would lead to the sharing of three crucial truths that every business owner and entrepreneur should embrace.

Cathy Bernard & Rio Infantino

Lesson 1: The Power of Unyielding Determination 💪

Rio’s story began with a dream. He knew he wanted to create something extraordinary in the restaurant industry, and nothing would stop him. “It starts in the mind,” he emphasized. I could see the fire in his eyes as he shared how his unwavering determination had propelled him from a young, aspiring entrepreneur to a successful restaurant tycoon.

Lesson 2: Understanding the Market and Nurturing a Winning Team 🌐🤝

As Rio sipped his tea, he recounted how he went all-in to understand the market, competition, and consumer spending habits. This knowledge became the foundation of his success. But Rio knew that building an empire required more than just vision; it demanded a winning team. “Having the right people executing your ideas is essential,” he shared, highlighting the importance of finding the right talents to complement your strengths.

Lesson 3: Embrace Innovation and Stay True to Your Vision 🚀🌿

Rio’s journey didn’t stop at Copper Branch; it soared to new heights with his latest venture, “Skip the Cake” dessert teas. He reminded me that innovation is the heartbeat of any successful business. “Don’t just be a product company,” he advised. “Innovate and create a unique experience for your customers.” Rio’s passion for healthy living and whole foods had guided him through Copper Branch, and now, his vision to curb sugar cravings with dessert teas was set to revolutionize the market.

As I wrapped up the interview, I was inspired by Rio’s unwavering determination, market insights, and innovative spirit. These three lessons resonated deeply with me, and I knew they would resonate with every business owner and entrepreneur out there.

So, dear LinkedIn community, I share these lessons with you today, hoping that Rio’s story will ignite your passion and drive. Let’s learn from the best, innovate fearlessly, and stay true to our visions as we build empires of our own. Together, we can create extraordinary success stories. 

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