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Cathy Bernard

Entrepreneurship has always been my calling, beckoning me to take risks and see my ideas through to fruition. But the truth is, the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is far more treacherous than I had ever anticipated.

Countless times, I have found myself yearning for a mentor by my side, guiding me through the daunting process of;

– establishing procedures,
– attracting new customers,
– scaling my business,
– managing operations,
– and hiring the best employees.

Regrettably, I spent years and countless dollars attempting to navigate this minefield on my own, often with little success.

What I have learned, above all, is that investing in oneself and their business acumen is never a waste of resources. Yet, many fall prey to a reluctance to seek knowledge, an apprehension that could either be a fleeting roadblock or a sign that entrepreneurship may not be their true calling.

My own entrepreneurial journey began at the age of ten when I launched my first business venture: selling aluminum scrap.

You might be curious as to how a ten-year-old could pull that off – and I promise to regale you with that tale another time. For now, let us explore the future of business together and discover the secrets to succeeding in an ever-changing landscape.

“The Montreal Entrepreneur Podcast” is a heavy-hitting interview series where I dig into the mind & lives of inspiring professionals from various walks of life to discuss their passions, purpose and way of thinking. These professionals share with us how they have overcome challenges in order to succeed as avid entrepreneurs. This podcast focuses mainly on “HOW” this successful entrepreneurs were able to “MAKE IT” and the lessons we can all learn from their experiences.
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